Tax Structures

A legal structure is crucial for your business. It’s an important decision that can leave operations exposed to potentially complex tax implications. We do tax structure groundwork for clients that gear their business for the road ahead. Companies can choose to operate through a variety of structures, whether it be a company, trust, partnership or as a sole trader. We have a history of advising small to medium sized businesses for many years and are quite well-equipped to guide on the advantages and disadvantages of each structure
Our multi-faceted approach allows you to:
  • Help select the right structure for startups
  • Restructure for existing operations
  • Structure yourself for international business
  • Intuitively shield your business assets
  • Establish and oversee concise frameworks for reporting and compliance obligations from ATO, ASIC and other regulatory bodies
  • Evaluate your business operating costs
  • Finance options for special projects with thorough consideration of tax implications
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